Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog via mobile phone app?

If anyone knows of a blogger-linked app for the android (or even iPhone...I'll search for the android version), please let me know. I am linked to my phone at the hip, but me and my home computer are mere acquaintances right now. Can't blog from school. Not without guilt or fear, anyway. :) (Support your local teachers!) Moving on....

Spark Yoga is helping me to:
-de-clutter my living space and my self-criticism/negativity/emotional issues
-gain clarity in why I'm not reaching goals I've set
-commit to yoga practice/exercise 5 times per week and eating good foods
-make and keep other commitments in my life
-focus on myself

I commit to blogging about the above topics in the next week. :)

Ok, today is exciting because I have the day off. No school! Woohoo!

Here is what I've done so far:

Up at 7:30 (without an alarm clock! Possibly due to my 3 hour nap yesterday from 5-8...oh yes. It was nice. I was exhausted, henceforth I slept. If only I listened to my body more often.)

Checked school email and wrote replies, whilst adorning an Origins face mask for 15 minutes :)
Today only 4/22! Bring your cosmetic empties to a store for a FREE regular size cleanser!
Origins Earth Day Deal
image from

(The LOUDEST airplane is flying over my condo...please hold)

Finished face process

Downstairs for breakfast (Special K granola and a tidbit of Special K Red Berries with light vanilla soy milk - I think I've mentioned that I'm *sniffle* lactose intolerant)

And yummy coffee in my "R" coffee mug (what is it about a cup with your monogram on it? OK, I can tell you. My first name was never on the fun Six Flags keychains growing up, and it probably still isn't...that was a big bummer when in 7th grade, my friend, Leslie could pick up her named keychain and vibrantly exclaim, "Here's MY name! Cool!" for her. "Rita" was the closest to "Rina"- oh sad, 7th grade me. Rita is a wonderful just isn't my name.)

While finishing coffee:
1) looked out the window at our garden (strawberries are ripening!, shooed away 2 squirrels (Todd would go after them with a garden tool turned weapon),
2) checked Facebook on my phone,
3) sent text messages to
    -my family about Good Friday service tonight,
    -my husband about said squirrels,
    -my friend Breah about her address,
    -my friend, Erick about his birthday,
4) wrote thank you cards and baby cards and wedding cards (continuing process online with TinyPrints in the near future)

Put dishes away

Completed Chick Fil A online survey for my FREE CHICKEN SANDWICH code (! - Um, yeah! look twice at those receipts, my friends! So worth it!)

The rest of the day will go like this:

Order bday cards and mail them through Tiny Prints ($2.44 each for a personalized, beautiful card with a stamp, addressed and mailed for you - see below.)

Get ready for noon yoga and errands (Container Store, Central Market, Target)
Good Friday Service in Arlington with my family

It's Easter weekend, everyone! I hope you enjoy it with loved ones! Todd "helps" the Easter bunny on Sunday. Yes, kids! I know the  Easter Bunny, personally! :)
Easter Bunny, 2007

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